Karuna Deutschland e.V.

All proceeds generated by DanaCards are donated to relief projects in India and Nepal.

Karuna Deutschland e.V. is a nonprofit association which aims to improve the living conditions of people belonging to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable population groups.

“Together with our local project partners, we help people to help themselves. The projects fostered by us provide support to enable these people to improve their current situation with regard to healthcare, education and autonomy. We help people to regain their dignity and self-confidence and we encourage them to stand up for their rights. An important aspect is that each individual project is planned in a sustainable manner and is designed to become independent from external support within a reasonable period of time.”

To learn more about the work and projects of Karuna Deutschland e.V., visit www.karunadeutschland.de

Exemplary projects supported by DanaCards:

The donations enabled us to open the student residence “Phardi Hostel” for nomad children in June 2014:


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