How to Participate in DanaCards?

Participate as Card Sponsor

Would you like to help realising new postcards? Wonderful! This is how you can do it:

With 60,- Euros, we can realize and print one postcard motif. By selling this motif, your “donation” will be multiplied and the proceeds will support the relief projects managed by Karuna Deutschland e.V.

In order to become the card sponsor for a postcard, just select a motif in the category “Become a Card Sponsor” and add it to your shopping cart. Now, your motif will be printed as soon as possible and subsequently sold here in our web shop.

As a thank you, we will send you 30 postcards with your selected motif for free.

A sponsorship can be shared among several friends, as well, or you can buy a sponsorship as a gift for someone else. In this manner, we can realize further motifs, as well.

Are you an artist, graphic designer or do other creative work?

You’re bursting with ideas and you don’t know how and where to channel your creativity?

Why don’t you support DanaCards with your creative work? We can also publish your artist profile on our website if you’d like to get some more publicity. Furthermore, you will receive 30 printed postcards as a thank you if your motif is realised as a postcard. You’ll find more information under “Participate as a Card Sponsor”.

And this is how it works:

1. Create one or more postcard(s) in the format DIN A6 (14,8 x 10,5 cm, 5,82 x 4,13 inches).
If possible, allow for a 2mm (0,078 inches) bleed around the motif. The file size should be as large as possible and not smaller than approx. 1 MB.
Important note: You have to be the owner of all image rights, copyrights etc.!

2. Send the file(s) via e-mail to:

Are you an amateur or even  professional photographer?

How about supporting DanaCards with your pictures? In many cases, beautiful motifs are forgotten and “gather dust” on your computer.

We could use them to create new, beautiful postcards. If you have interesting photos that would be suitable for postcards, we’d be happy if you’d allow us to use them. Important note: You have to be the owner of all image rights!

The pictures should meet the following minimum requirements so that they can be printed in high quality:

  • for 300 dpi: a size of 152×109 mm (59,84x 42,91 inches) (incl. a bleed of 2mm or  0,078 inches)
  • for 72 dpi: a size of 1,800×1,300 pixel
  • jpeg larger than 1 MB
  • tiff approx. 10 MB cmyk

Please send your picture to:

Please keep in mind:

  • You have to be the owner of all rights with regard to the motif and all elements shown.
  • Your motifs may not contain any logos, trademarks or brand names that are protected by copyright or are intellectual property of third parties.
  • All suggested motifs will only be published after we checked and approved them.
  • Furthermore, we reserve the right to reject motifs without stating any reasons. Thank you for your understanding!

Important note for choosing your motif:

If you choose a motif, please consider if you think that people would actually pay money for it. It would be a pity if a motif would find a sponsor and then turn out to be a shelf warmer. DanaCards will give every interesting, meaningful, original, elegant, touching or funny motif a chance!

Your picture story

Every picture has a different story. Maybe you’d like to share your motif’s story in a couple of sentences? We’d like to hear about the creation of your artwork, the story of your photo or whatever you’d like to share with us. A background story gives your motif a meaning and allows other people a glimpse into your work process.

Our thank you: Your artist profile

As a thank you to our motif sponsors for their generosity, we’d like to help them gaining further publicity by publishing their artist profile on our website. Of course, all details are provided voluntarily. If you’d like to have an artist profile published, please send us a short text introducing yourself and your work. A picture of you would be great, as well. This picture should have approcimately 367×293 px. Please send all details to



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