Environmental Responsibility

We all bear great responsiblity for our environment.

Thus, we constantly strive to use all our ressources in a careful and sustainable manner wherever this is possible.

 Climate neutral printing

For every printing job, all generated CO2 emissions – in connection with all production steps from producing the paper right to the finished product – will be calculated and offset. The negative impact on our environment is offset by means of a financial contribution corresponding to the calculated CO2 emissions. This contribution will be donated to globally recognized charities dedicated to climate protection projects. For this, we obtained the relevant certifications.

You will find a useful CO2 calculator here. With this calculator, you can calculate the CO2 emission caused by heating systems, use of electricity or transportation .

As far as this is possible, our packaging material is made of recycled materials – for the sake of our environment.

This website is operated with green electricity.

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