Why DanaCards?

DanaCards – Postcards for a good cause!

Being a member of the relief organisation  Karuna Deutschland e.V. , I am constantly trying to find new ways to generate donations for their sustainable relief programmes in India and Nepal on a regular basis. Back in August 2012, I had a vision. How about producing postcards and donating the proceeds to Karuna? As I work in advertising and have my own agency, this project quickly became a “leisure project”.

First, I developed a concept for my idea. For me, it was fundamental that the whole project must be based on the Dana principle, i.e. on the principle of generosity. I realised that after work, I still had sufficient leisure time and energy that I could use to do good.

When the conception phase was completed, the implementation started at once. I began developing the DanaCards webshop and asked my partner Udo, a professional graphic designer, to create motives for postcards. He, too, has devoted a lot of time and energy to this project, voluntarily and with passion and joy. Today, the vision has become reality . The shop is online at www.danacards.de, and we have a lot of dedicated supporters. Everybody gives as much as he or she can – financial support as a card sponsor, creative support as a motive sponsor or just by spreading the word about DanaCards. Even a simple “Like” on Facebook helps us to become known.

I want to thank all those who take part in the DanaCards project and help to realize the concept “beautiful postcards for a better world”, selflessly and for a good cause, in order to make this world a better place – step by step.

Kind regards,


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